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Kade Rogge (208) 431-0074

Jed South (208) 670-4042

How Can I bid?

Bidding Onsite At Our Auction?

Each bidder will need to register at the registration booth.


Bidding On The Computer For A Live Auction? (If Available)

 You must register to bid online by clicking the link below.  If you have already registered for our online bidding, you are approved for all future auctions.


Bidding on Our Timed Online Auctions Through AuctionTime?

Registration is easy! Before you can bid, we simply ask that you register using the “Register for Online Bidding” link within the Auction Information page. You only need to register once. Please write down your username and password and keep it in a safe place. Your username and password will be good for future sales. Please allow at least one business day to process your registration. You will receive a phone call and email confirmation once you are approved to bid.



Bidding FAQ

Who can I contact for bidder support?

Contact AuctionTime for bidder support at: (800) 334-7443. If you are having trouble with audio, trying refreshing your page.


Did I win?

If you win an item, you will see “Winner” displayed across your screen. You will also immediately receive an email notification confirmation that you have won the item up for bid. At the end of the sale, you will be invoiced for all of your auction purchases that day.


Can I see a list of the items I've purchased?

A list of the items you've purchased will be available under the "Items You Bought" section at the bottom of the Live Auction Board. You must be logged in to view this list.


What is my bidder number?

You will not log in using a bidder number. You will log into the sale using your username and password you chose during registration. If you win an item, you may hear us announce a bidder that is used for internal purposes only.


I forgot my username and password

CLICK HERE if you have forgotten your username and password. It will be emailed to you. You can also call AuctionTime for Bidder Support at (800) 334-7443.


What is a buyer's premium?

A buyer’s premium is a percentage added to the total purchase price of an item that is collected by Rogge Auctions, LLC.


How do I enter the auction for online bidding?

Visit our Upcoming Auctions page and click on the auction you are interested in. On auction day there will be information on how to view the live sale.


Why is my bid button grayed out?

You must first register, log in, and accept the terms and conditions of the sale before you can bid. You're bid button will be yellow once you are able to bid.